Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I do a lot of worrying everyday.  I worry about money, job, school, kids, food, exercise... you name it I worry about it. And as the quote says above many things that never happen I end up worrying about.  I have always been a worrier since I can remember. I worry about my children and the school they will attend (they won't be going to school for a few more years).  I worry about where we are going to live and the job we are going to have (Jon has a good job and he is still in school, and Logan is really not that bad of a place). I worry about our family getting heath care. I worry that I have no contribution to my family. I worry that I will not move to Canada one day (which is a huge goal of mine). There is not one thing that I don't worry about. But I need to train myself and learn that all the worrying is (usually) for nothing. It usually ends up working itself out.  Our family has never gone without, my kids have never not been able to see the doctor. I just need to learn to live in the present and not worry about the future! Hopefully, this Mark Twain quote will help me to remember that worrying is not going to help anything and it just gives me a headache.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


For Christmas, the kids wanted to get Jonathan a baseball hat. We went to the mall to this store called FANZZ.  They had every hat imaginable.  Ian wanted to get his daddy the same hat that he had which was an all blue Blue Jays hat.  It took a while because this store had what felt like a million hats.  When we found it we bought it and Ian was so excited.  Well on Christmas morning, Jon tried on the hat. It was WAY too small.  So we took the hat back and tried to get the same hat.  Well the size of Jon's head is really big and they only make a few hats in that size.  The cashier grabbed all eight hats in his head size. They just don't make hats that big.  Jon said he would take a look and he found a Baltimore Ravens hat. He said to the cashier "I'll take this one!" The guy said "oh are you a big Ravens fan?" Jon said "Nah, my two year old son is." The guy just smiled. Ian is a big fan and he LOVES to watch football. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

The Peart Family
2012 was a good year for us! 

Miss Emmaline joined our family on January 31. She has been such a wonderful addition. She is so feisty, her little personality is so different from Ian's. She LOVES dolls and playing with toys. Her brother is her best friend and she feels betrayed by him whenever he tries to knock her down. I think 2013 is going to be a great year for as she grows more into her own little personality. 

Our little Ian is not so little any more.  He has really grown into a little man. He is OBSESSED with all things sports.  he watches hockey, football, basketball and baseball, and plays them all day.  He will watch little league, high school, university, semi-pro or professional, he is not picky.  He still loves Sesame Street, Curious George and Mickey Mouse. He loves to dance to the Big Bang Theory Theme song.  He has been doing gymnastics for the past few months and loving every minute of it.  Ian is so smart and he doesn't need to be told more than once something before he knows how to do it. In 2013, he would like to start playing hockey himself and maybe even start preschool. The sky is the limit with this kid.

Beth is still doing the stay at home mom thing.  She has been making Emmaline tons of bows and plans to continue that in the new year.  She would like to get a job in either a gym or recreation centre. She would also like to get her Personal Training Certificate.

Jon continues to work for USUAS. He loves it and they have had some really cool jobs across the Western United States. He should be finishing his thesis in early 2013. He is looking forward to working a project on the Bear River Massacre in Preston, ID.  

Christmas Day 2012 Part 2

There was a ton of snow the three days before Christmas.  Christmas morning, we were able to play in the snow. Ian and Emmaline loved it so much they didn't want to go inside!

Christmas 2012

Our children got so many toys and clothes for Christmas. We are so lucky to have family who are willing to give them so much! Ian received an entire sheet set/blanket (also included a trash can and a towel). Emmaline received an some toys and clothes! 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Potty Training!

Potty training is a BEAST! Ian has already peed in random places and on random things. He has even pooped on the floor and then stepped in it... You can only imagine what that looked like! He is starting to understand that he needs to tell me when he needs to go ( And I am learning to ask him every five seconds whether he needs to go or not).  Today we had a breakthrough. He told me he needed to go and took his own diaper off and then he has used the potty ever since this morning. I know that there are lots of ups and downs when it comes to potty training but this is huge for him! Now to keep it up is going to be tough but hopefully he keeps up with telling me!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Family Visit!

Nana, Jordan, Chelsea and Halli came for a visit on Saturday... We had Indian food, took a drive to Preston, Idaho in search of the Bear River Massacre monument (we didn't find it but thats ok :) ) and just hung out.  Here are some pictures from Saturday. I can not get over how cute Emmaline is!